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rockbox manager 1.0

written by Enzo Meireles [25.03.005] 16.04.005

What is the rockbox manager?
This is a manager for the firmware developed by the rockbox group, which replaces the standard archos firmware, for some archos devices.

you can visit their site and see the progress of their excelent project at:

The reason for doing this manager is because there aren’t any managers/installers for the mac, and so I decided to create one.

What does it do? (v1.0)
• Installs the firmware (from the .zip file)
• Allows you to open the .rockbox folder (which is invisible), and see/edit the contents in a finder window
• Change the .rockbox folder visibility (to allow you to use it in the finder)
• Uninstall/delete either the firmware or the .rockbox folder (or both)

• Mac OS X 10.3 (upwards)
• BSD installed (default OS X install)
• Archos device (of course)
• Rockbox firmware

You need to select the archos device before proceding.
The uninstall is unduable!, be carefull, you have been warned...
The install simply unzips the firmware into the device. If already present, it will refresh the contents (so if you have extra items, it won’t erase them...).
The drag and drop was just for fun :)
My code is very slopy but should do the trick...

To do
• select device: drop only volumes
• install: warn that the original firmware will be replaced
• install: the unzip should clear the original items and not refresh them...
• install: give the choice refreshing or replacing completelly the original items.
• archive: implement (it’s done, but the result has the absolute path, and I need it relative)
• firmware at the device: check if present and display current state
• firmware folder: display current visibility state

Price and distribution
This application is free to use and distribute :-)

I will not be responsible in case of the remote event of files/discs becoming damaged by the use of this application.
It was thoroughly tested and that never happened, even so, you can use it understanding that it is supplied 'as is'.